Zero Downtime Symphony I/O Mk1 Trade-In FAQ

Symphony I/O Trade in guide and FAQ for updating to a Symphony MkII chassis or MkII System

SIOMKII-touchscreen-1000-845x321How do I trade in and upgrade my Symphony I/O MK I to a Symphony Mk II:

From September 1 to December 31, 2023, trade in your Symphony Mk1 and receive $600 toward a new Symphony I/O MkII chassis or system. (Trade-in value may vary outside the USA.)

Zero Downtime! Keep your Symphony Mk1 until you receive your MkII.

Start your trade-in here
Once completed, you will receive a Trade-in Number and instructions on the next steps.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact our support team.

What modules are supported in a Symphony Mk II chassis and are there limitations?

Available MkII Modules for Symphony MkII Systems

Module Analog In/Out Digital I/O Quality Compatibility
16x16 SE 16 x 16 Line 2 channel S/PDIF Coax 3rd Gen Compatible/Current
Connect 8 MP 8 Mic/Line x 8 Line

8 AES or 8 Optical

+ 2 S/P Coax

2.5 Gen Compatible/Current
2x6 SE 2 Line x 6 Line

2 AES + 8 Optical

+ 2 S/P Coax

3rd Gen Compatible/Current


Symphony Mk1 Modules Compatible with MkII Chassis

Module Analog In/Out Digital I/O Quality Compatibility


2 Line x 6 Line

2 AES + 8 Optical

+ 2 S/P Coax

2nd Gen Compatible
16x16 16 x 16 Line 2 channel S/PDIF Coax 1st Gen Compatible
8x8 8 Line x 8 Line 8 AES + 2 S/P Coax, 8 optical + 2 S/P Coax 1st Gen Compatible

Mk1 Modules NOT compatible with MkII

Module Analog In/Out Digital I/O Quality Compatibility

AI 16

16 Line IN 2 AES Out, 16 Optical Out 2nd Gen Incompatible
AO 16 16 Line Out 16 AES In, 16 Optical In 1st Gen Incompatible

You can also see this article for images of these cards.

8 Mic Preamp module card Compatibility Guidesio-module-micpre-lg

Module Analog In/Out Digital I/O Compatibility

8 Mic, 4 Inst,

8 Analog Insert


Compatible with:

16x16, 16x16mkII, 8x8, 8x8mkII

8MicPre 8 Mic, 4 Inst, 8 Analog Insert None

 NOT compatible with:

16x16SE, 2x6SE, Connect8

How do I install modules in a Symphony MKII chassis?

Installing modules in a MkII chassis is shown here. This is identical for MK1 and MkII units.

  • 8MicPre cannot be used with 16x16SE.
  • 8MicPre cannot be used with any 2x6 module.

All compatible modules can be installed in either slot 1 or 2 in Symphony Thunderbolt units.

How to update compatible modules to current firmware?

For Mac OS 10.5.7 and above all compatible Symphony MkII modules can be updated with the current Symphony Control driver that can be downloaded here

This will install:

  • Symphony Control Software Version: 0.5.13
  • Firmware: 0.9.B0.21  FPGA 0.51

With Symphony MKII connected in Thunderbolt audio interface mode or in Pro Tools HD mode with a USB connection this firmware can be updated with the Symphony Firmware Updater app included in the driver. 

Connectivity & Update Process for Mk1 Modules:

Connection Style User Installable Possible Error Messages How To Update
Thunderbolt Yes None Regular Firmware Updater included with MkII Software Installer
Pro Tools Plus No - Must be sent to Dealer or Authorized repair center
Dante Yes Symphony Control Prompts for unnecessary Update would actually downgrade unit

Special Dante Updater

(Contact Support)


How to check which firmware I need for my Symphony MKII configuration:
See this article

Release Notes for the upcoming new Software and Firmware for Symphony Control (v B0)
  • AIM switching is working correctly
  • Support for Brooklyn 3 card
  • W/C termination works correctly
  • Support for Apogee Control and ATMOS monitor workflows (Headphone LED's on Control USB Remote did not dynamically update when adjusting HP level from Control or touch-display)
  • Support for ProTools Plus configurations
  • Improvement to speaker switching (faster)
  • Support for Legacy 16x16 cards (FW update works properly)
  • Support for Legacy 8x8 cards (FW update works properly)
  • Update via DANTE support
  • Minor fixes and performance improvements