Do Apogee Interfaces include Plugins?

BOOM and Duet 3 include the DSP version of Symphony ECS Channel Strip, while the Native version can be purchased separately for a discounted price when you register.

Symphony Desktop includes the following plugins:

DSP versions of: ModEQ, ModComp, Pultec EQP-1A, Pultec MEQ-5, Opto-3A, and Symphony ECS Channel Strip.

Native licenses are included for Symphony ECS Channel Strip and Clearmountain's Spaces when you register.


Sometimes Apogee will run limited-time promotions or sales where free or discounted plugins are provided when you register an Apogee interface. These offers are no longer available at the end of the promotion period. 

Start a Free Trial:

Otherwise, any of our Apogee plugins can be tried out on a 14-day or 30-day trial period with no restrictions so that you can evaluation and see if you like them. Many of them also have a rent-to-own payment plan option for user's who do not want to pay full-price all at once.

For Element and Ensemble Thunderbolt units you have the option of starting the trial of all plugins when you install the driver and launch the plugins in your DAW.  You will just require a free ilok account to start the trial activation.

Installing Plugins:

Here's the guide for installing plugins with details for creating an iLok account:

If you have purchased a license for any plugins you will activate them in your iLok license manager application.

Here's a guide for activating plugins in iLok:

Uninstall Plugins:

If you want to remove plugins after installed so you will not be prompted to activate them when launching your DAW instructions for doing this is here:

The software for all Apogee plugins is available for direct download on our
Downloads Page

Transferring plugins to another account:

All plugin activations are managed through iLok and plugins are not transferable through us.

If a user wants to purchase the old licenses from another user, iLok offers a method to transfer Licenses through their system for a fee as explained here:,would%20be%20the%20same%20%2D%20%2450.