Can Symphony Mk II be used with Windows OS?

Symphony Mk II can be used with Windows when equipped with certain connectivity option cards.

To use Symphony MK II with Windows 10/11 OS there are 2 options:

1) You can use Symphony MK II with a Dante / Pro Tools HD Option card installed: 

Dante / Pro Tools HD Option Card

This requires an ethernet connection to your PC and purchasing the Dante Virtual SoundCard License.   Setup in Dante mode is explained here

2) Or you can use Symphony Mk II with a Pro Tools HD option card connected to a Windows compatible AVID HD card in Pro Tools HD mode.

Pro Tools Plus Option Card (Dante Upgradeable)

Setting up a Symphony Mk II in Pro Tools HD mode connected to an AVID HD card is explained here

In both Dante and Pro Tools HD Audio Interface modes the Symphony Control will not apply and no apogee drivers are required. 

See this article for current firmware versions for Symphony Mk II configurations.

Dante and Pro Tools Plus option cards can be purchased from dealers as a special order.

Symphony Mk II Thunderbolt is only compatible with Mac computers. 
This requires a thunderbolt connection to a Mac on OS 10.10 or higher.

Thunderbolt Option Card

This cannot be connected to a Windows PC and there are no Windows drivers for this.