Why are my Plugins and Orders not shown in My Account?

Why are my Plugins and Orders not shown in My Account?

Registration on our site is specifically for hardware products only. You can create an account at https://apogeedigital.com/my-account.

When you click "Register Product", the dropdown list contains our hardware devices. There are no plugins on this list.

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Instead, when you purchase plugins on our webstore the iLok License code will be sent to your email. 
In addition, your purchase appears in the My Orders view of your Apogee account.

My Orders Apogee Account

If you purchased plugins or hardware from our web store, and LATER created an Apogee account, it will NOT be shown in My Orders.

It will also not be shown if you used a different email address than you did to create your Apogee account.

Contact Apogee Support and they may be able to re-link these together.


To activate a plugin license or manage your licenses, utilize the iLok License Manager app available for download on the iLok website.

When you select each Apogee plugin in the iLok License Manager app and click on "Show Details," it should display as "License" indicating that it has been successfully activated to your iLok Account.

For further guidance on how to activate and manage your iLok licenses, refer to our article on Activating Apogee Plugins.

Product registration is not linked with hardware operation.
You can download drivers and plugin installers directly here for all of our Apogee products: