How do I get a Symphony I/O MkII Dante System & how does it work?

General Information:

Apogee Symphony I/O MkII has an available Dante+PTHD audio networking Option Card configuration beginning in Summer 2019.

Complete Symphony I/O MkII Dante+PTHD configured systems can be ordered from an Authorized Dealer. Use our Dealer Locator to find Authorized Apogee Dealers around the world:

Compatible Symphony Dante+PT configurations:
- Symphony MkII with Dante+PT card only, no thunderbolt card
- Symphony MkII with Thunderbolt and Dante+PT cards in the same chassis

See Configuration Details on our Dante Product Page:

*Audio IO Module cards that can be used in the above configurations:
- Connect 8×8 MP
- 16x16 original
- 16x16mkII
- 8x8 original (all variants)
- 8x8mkII
- 2x6 original (If in chassis with 2nd module card, 2x6 will only work in TOP slot)
- 2x6SE (If in chassis with 2nd module card, 2x6 will only work in TOP slot)
- 8-mic pre-module card

(Incompatible cards: A16IP and A16OP listed page 12 of MkII User’s Guide - April 2017: )



Requires disassembling chassis and therefore is not end-user installable.
Symphony MkII chassis needs special firmware to enable Dante+PT recognition.
This firmware is already installed on Symphony mkII Dante+PT units ordered from the factory.

End users can order pre-made Dante+PT or Dante+PT + Thunderbolt Symphony configurations from an Authorized Dealer
For End Users who already have a Symphony MkII, It must be sent to an Authorized Dealer/Distributor/Repair Center for Dante+PT Card installation.

The following units can be converted:
- Symphony MkII Thunderbolt
- Symphony MkII *Pro Tools HD
- Symphony MkII with both Thunderbolt & *Pro Tools

*Pro Tools HD option cards will be replaced with Dante+PT cards. See Dealer/Distributor for pricing.

NOTE: Symphony units with WSG SoundGrid option card must be sent to Apogee in the US for conversion (fee applies)


Dante+PT interface mode:

No Apogee software is required. All Symphony functions controlled through front panel.
Audinate's Dante Controller app is required for network audio routing and control. Details here: Getting Started Step-by-step with Symphony I/O Mk II Dante

Thunderbolt interface mode:

Run normal Symphony MkII 3.1 or later system software installer* for Thunderbolt operation.

*Do NOT perform firmware update if have Thunderbolt & Dante+PT cards. IGNORE firmware mismatch error messages as performing update will make Dante+PT card stop working!!