Control Remote not detected in Control App for Element or Ensemble Thunderbolt

The Control Hardware Remote may not be detected if software/firmware is outdated. Can also be solved by restarting the Element Helper process in Activity Monitor

If the Control Remote is powering on but not detected in the Apogee Control app this may be from outdated software/firmware installed. 

The current software and firmware versions for all devices are here
If outdated, re-install the current driver that can be downloaded here and update the firmware. 

If updated and the Control Remote is powering on but it's not detected in Apogee Control l :

Quit the Control app and disconnect the control remote.

- Then open Activity Monitor on your Mac.

- In the View menu, select "All Processes"

- Find and click Element Helper so it's highlighted, then click the Force Quit button 

- Wait a few seconds, the Element Helper process will automatically restart and appear again in Activity Monitor

Then reconnect the Control remote and reopen Apogee Control and check working normally.

If the Control remote is not powering on at all when connected try connecting with any different USB Micro B cable directly to different USB ports on your mac and check if it is detected as a USB device in System Information > Hardware > USB. 

If the hardware remote has no power when connected please contact technical support for further assistance.