Why does Duet 3 has 2 USB Type C ports?

Duet 3 features 2 USB Type C ports for connection and external power as needed.

Computers with USB Type C ports supporting USB 3.0 and up should deliver enough bus power to operate the Duet 3.

On computers with USB Type A ports (USB 1 and 2), there could be scenarios where insufficient power is available for Duet 3. Under these circumstances, you can use the additional USB-C port to provide the extra power needed.

Check out this great article from Apple to figure out which USB Ports you have!

Identify the ports on your Mac

The additional port on Duet 3 does not support any passthrough for other USB or MIDI devices, and is solely for providing extra power when required.

Duet 3 is a Class Compliant USB Device.

This means that Duet 3 does not need any drivers to be installed for audio to be input/output. Simply plug and play!

Note: For use with the Apogee Control Software, driver installation is required.

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