Alert: Changes to ASIO4all affecting Pro Tools

If you use ASIO4all with Pro Tools on a Windows computer, recent updates to ASIO4All seem to be causing issues with Apogee's lower channel count "class compliant" devices, which do not use ASIO drivers.

  • Jam/Jam96k/Jam Plus
  • MiC/MiC 96k/MiC Plus
  • HypeMiC
  • ClipMiC Digital 2

Because Pro Tools is an ASIO only DAW, and cannot talk to regular Windows drivers like WDM and MME, you must use ASIO4all, which creates a path for an ASIO only program to use a non-ASIO device.

In previous versions of ASIO4all you would want to install the "Offline Settings" which gave you access to the ASIO4all Control Panel BEFORE opening Pro Tools.

This was removed in a recent update to ASIO4all, version 2.15 Beta 1:

This can create the following scenario:

  • Launch Pro Tools
  • Setup > Playback Engine > Choose ASIO4all
  • Setup > Hardware (to open ASIO4all Control Panel)
  • In ASIO4all Control Panel adjust triangle buttons to choose your desired I/O
  • Result: Pro Tools may crash as the Audio Device I/O layout is changed.

There are two ways to work around this.

Workaround 1 - Use older version of ASIO4all

  1. Download the specific ASIO4all version 2.14 and make sure you check "Offline Settings" when Installing.
  2. Before opening Pro Tools go to Start Menu > ASIO4ALL v2 > ASIO4ALL vs Off-line Settings.
  3. In this ASIO4all Control Panel make sure your Apogee Input is made Active.
  4. Now you can open Pro Tools!
NOTE - The setup you need as far as outputs will vary on different computers and versions of Pro Tools, so you may have to play around with the Output selections in Pro Tools and ASIO4all to get this set up how you want, either to the Output on the Apogee device if it has one, or computer speakers.

Workaround 2 - Setup in another DAW first

  1. If you need to use the latest version of ASIO4all for another feature, you can use any other DAW to first launch the ASIO4all Control Panel and setup I/O.
  2. A good example is Reaper, which is easily available and popular.  But any other DAW can be used.
  3. Go to that DAW's Preferences Menu > Select ASIO4all > find button to launch control panel.
  4. Example from Reaper.
    [image: reaper_preferences.png]
  5. Once I/O set selected in ASIO4all close Reaper and launch Pro Tools.