What is “Transparent Hearing” and how does it work?

Using the SMART HEADSET’s built-in mics, the Transparent Hearing feature lets you hear outside sounds and create the perfect balance between your surroundings and your music.

This is ideal for bikers, walkers, joggers and anyone else who wants to be aware of what is going on around them without removing their headphones. 

With the free Ambeo SMART HEADSET app (available on the Apple App Store), it’s possible to select one of three Transparent Hearing presets:

  • Reduce Level – when you’re in a loud environment such as a concert, this setting offers the hearing protection of earplugs but with a reduced level of surrounding sound.
  • Natural Level – The level of surrounding sound is at its natural level, neither reduced or amplified.
  • Amplify Level – Surrounding sound is amplified, so you can hear every nuance.