Using the Channel FX Plugin with Symphony Desktop

The ApogeeChannelFX plugin enables control of Symphony Desktop input and mixer settings from inside any DAW. This replaces deprecated Logic Device Control functionality, and can be used in Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, and other DAW's.

For Symphony Desktop, use the Channel FX plugin features to adjust plugin and interface input settings from within any DAW.

The Channel FX Rack can be opened in your DAW, in the Apogee Control software, or on the Symphony Desktop touch screen. 

With the Channel Link functionality enabled, changes in any location will be synchronized. 

Open the Channel FX rack in Apogee Control, or from your DAW, then set the Channel Link button to hardware input 1 or 2 for mono tracks in your DAW, or link Inputs 1+2 if using a stereo track in your DAW.  

Apogee FX Channel Link GIF

You can copy the same settings to another track in your DAW by making a duplicate track.   When you open Channel FX on the new track, you’ll see a dialog to transfer the Channel Link from the previous track to the current one - then click Proceed.

Apogee Channel FX new track link GIF

An explanation of the Channel FX Plugin controls are shown and explained in more detail in the Symphony Desktop guide on pages 50-60.

Known issue for Logic Pro 10.8

when launching the Channel FX plugin from within Logic there is a known graphical issue where plugin controls will not be shown.

If using Logic 10.7 or lower this does not happen.  Until this is resolved the workaround will be to launch the plugin in the ApogeeControl 2 app instead of from Logic.