Using Hype MiC with Clubhouse

Hype MiC is guaranteed to get you sounding great with Clubhouse - on a supported device.

On supported devices, using Hype MiC with Clubhouse is as easy as Plug and Play - that being said, Clubhouse's recent update has disabled the use of microphones plugged into the Lightning Port of the phone or tablet.

This is down to a concept known as "Telephony" ie, the ability to use a microphone as a Telephonic device, meaning in tandem with a Telephone call. The latest Clubhouse update has made Telephony a requirement for any device passing audio to or from the Lightning Port

Our microphones are NOT able to be used as Telephonic devices.

Telephony cuts down on the audio quality available to a microphone - kind of misses the point of using such a nice mic!

The solution to this is to use Clubhouse on an iOS device that is NOT using a Lightning port, such as an iPhone with a USB- C port.

The recent Clubhouse app has NOT removed support for Non-Telephonic Devices (ie Microphones) when being plugged into USB-C ports.

For more information on this, please check out this great video we put together on the topic: