Using Apogee Control's Direct Monitoring Template for Low Latency Input Monitoring

Using the Direct Monitoring Snapshot Template, you can easily eliminate any latency between your recording source and your monitoring setup.

This is super useful when recording, as it lets you to listen back to what is being recorded in realtime, without the delay inherent to software monitoring.

To set this up, start by plugging in your Interface, and opening up the Apogee Control software, found in your Applications Folder.

Once in Apogee Control, navigate to File > Open Snapshot Template (or press Command + T)

In the window that appears, select "Direct Monitoring," and click "Load."

Now, your unit is configured for Direct Monitoring! With the input faders and playback faders at a healthy level, you will hear your input source without any discernible latency.

See this article for a video on the basic features of the Apogee Control mixers: How do I get started with the Apogee Control mixers?