Using Apogee Control iOS App with Element

Question - Is the iOS app free?

Answer   - Yes. There is a demo mode to try the app with “virtual” Element Series interfaces.

Question - How does the iOS app connect to the Mac?

Answer   - Both the Mac and the iOS device must connect to the same WiFi network. It’s possible to connect to a computer-to-computer network created by the Mac.

Question - How many iOS devices can be connected?

Answer   - It’s possible to connect as many iOS devices as are available.

Question - What iOS versions and iOS devices are supported?

Answer   - iOS version 9 and above are officially supported.

Question - Can the iOS app control low latency mixers?

Answer   - No.

Question - How far away can you be and still control an Element?

Answer   - This will vary according to the environment and is limited by the WiFi range of the iDevice you are using. Walls and obstacles will obviously be a factor in range. From our testing, we were always able to control Element units from another room and outdoors from around 30 yards

Question - The iOS app doesn’t find my Element interface - what can I do?

Answer   - First, make sure that the Element interface is correctly detected in the Mac app. Next, make sure your Mac accepts the invitation to connect to the iOS device.

   Apogee Control uses the Apple Bonjour to connect to and control your Element interface over Wi-Fi. If the interface is recognized on the Mac but not by the iOS app,  then most likely the network ports required by Bonjour haven’t been opened by your IT manager. This is quite likely the case in a corporate environment where network security is a priority. See this Apple Support document concerning the open ports required for Bonjour.

To verify Bonjour functionality across your network, download and configure the free Apple Remote for iTunes app, which offers control of your Mac’s iTunes from your iOS device. Apple Remote also uses Bonjour.