Use Latency Mon to get rid of clicks and pops on my Apogee-equipped Windows system

Follow these steps to eliminate audio clicks and pops on your Apogee-equipped Windows system

  1. Use the LatencyMon utility to check the performance of your Windows computer, as described in this link: Windows Latency Guide
  2.  ONCE LatencyMon displays the message “Your system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other tasks without dropouts”. Until issues indicated by LatencyMon are resolved, no other measures will resolve clicks and pops.
  3. In Apogee Maestro’s System tab, set the Preferred Buffer Size to a higher value until the problem is resolved.
  4. If the DAW session is stored on the same hard drive as Windows, connect a second high-speed drive and move the DAW session to it.