Updating X-HD Firmware for AD16x, DA16x, and Rosetta

To update an X-HD card, follow the instructions below in the EXACT ORDER...

  • Download the latest X-HD firmware updater app from our website. This contains both versions 3.0 and the older 2.07. Download X-HD updater here.
  • Make sure the updater app is not open.
  • Disconnect the Interfaces from each other and the ProTools HD card(s)... this includes all the word-clock cables as well.
  • Do a hardware reset of the Interface (for AD16x/DA16x- hold down the 'down' arrow button while powering up the unit. For Rosettas, hold down the 'Sample-Rate' button while powering up the unit).
  • Make sure the Interface is set to '44.1k', and clocked internally. The Rosettas will sometimes switch to 48k after powering up, so wait about 10 seconds after powering up a Rosetta and then manually switch it to 44.1k if it set itself to 48k.
  • We recommend using only class-compliant MIDI interfaces, such as the Elektron TM-1. Connect the MIDI interface to the X-HD card. The LED on the X-HD should be green right now.
  • Open the updater app and make sure you've selected 'Avid Digital HD I/O' and that the correct midi interface port is selected in the updater app (if you're using 'port A', make sure 'port A' is selected)
  • Run the updater. After a couple of seconds, you should see the LED's on the X-HD card flashing red & green.
  • After the update is finished, QUIT the updater app and power-cycle the Interface.
  • Follow the same steps for each additional Interface.
  • Reconnect everything and launch ProTools. The Apogee Interfaces should now be showing up as Avid Digital HD I/Os in the ProTools I/O Setup.