The Ensemble is frozen in the middle of the boot-up with the Apogee 'A' logo and/or 3 dots on the screen.

If the Ensemble Thunderbolt ever gets in a state where it seems to be "frozen" and the front-panel display is stuck on either the Apogee 'A' logo with version numbers, 3 dots on the screen, or any other kind of half-loaded display, try the following steps below in this specific order:

  • Quit all apps
  • Unplug Ensemble from power and from Thunderbolt
  • Connect Ensemble to power
  • Connect Ensemble to Mac via Thunderbolt
  • Power up Ensemble
  • Launch the 'Ensemble Thunderbolt Firmware Updater' app (ApplicationsUtilities) and confirm that the firmware is up to date. If it's not, run the firmware updater.

From now on, when connecting the Ensemble, always connect it to power first before connecting it to Thunderbolt.