Symphony I/O: Working with Front Panel and Maestro Level Meters

Meter Characteristics

Level meters on Symphony I/O’s front panel and throughout Maestro display audio levels in the range of 0 to -48 dB full scale (fs). An Over indicator at the top of each meter lights when three or more consecutive full scale samples have occurred. Though three consecutive full scale samples is most likely inaudible, the Over indicator serves as an “early warning” that the level should be reduced.

Peak and Over Hold

The amount of time that Peak and over indicators are held may be selected with the Peak Hold and Over Hold drop down menus, found in Maestro's System Setup tab window.   Both Peak and Over Hold may be set to the following times:

  • Off - Peaks and Overs are indicated but not held.
  • 2 seconds - Peaks and Overs are held for 2 seconds, then cleared.
  • Infinite - Peaks and Overs are held infinitely (or, more accurately, a really long time) until cleared by the user by pressing Clear Meters in Maestro or clicking the front panel lefthand encoder.  The message "Meters Cleared" will appear on the front panel OLED Display.  

Front Panel Meters

Symphony I/O includes 2 banks of 8 level meters on the front panel. Select the audio signals to be displayed on each bank using the Meters buttons in the Device Settings tab window.