Symphony I/O Rack Ear Holes Don't Line Up Correctly

Sometimes those screws don't align correctly, but it can be corrected without returning the unit by loosening the chassis so the screw holes can be manipulated into alignment. Here's how:

  1. Remove all the screws from the back and sides of the Symphony chassis. There are six screws on the bottom, 5 screws on the back, and three on each side where the rack ears would go.
  2. Install the rack ears. You may need to twist the chassis a bit to get the screw holes to align.
  3. Only screw in the rack-ear screws half-way.
  4. Reinstall the other screws, again only screwing them in half-way. This makes it so you can twist the chassis again to insert into other screw holes that may not line-up perfectly.
  5. Once all screws are inserted, you can now tighten them so they are in all the way.