Symphony I/O MkII v3.5 Release for 10.15 Catalina

The Symphony I/O MkII with Thunderbolt connection is now compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina with the release of this version 3.5 System Software. This release is specifically for Symphony MkII units with:

  • Thunderbolt option card only
  • Thunderbolt & Pro Tools HD option cards
  • Thunderbolt & *Dante option cards

There is NO NEED to install this software for units with just Pro Tools HD option card, units with just Dante option card, or units with SoundGrid option card.

*NOTE: If have both Thunderbolt & Dante connection cards, this software will trigger a message to appear on your Mac that the Firmware does not match the installed software. DO NOT PERFORM A FIRMWARE UPDATE on units with this configuration. It will stop your Dante card from working. This is because Symphony MkII units that come from the Apogee factory equipped with Dante option card are pre-loaded with a higher firmware version number installed than what is in this v3.5 software release. This higher firmware version is required for the Dante operation.

Known Issue with USB Control hardware remote: If have Element Control software installed at the same time as Symphony control, the USB Control hardware remote will not function. Uninstall the Element software or use a different partition or hard drive.