Symphony I/O Firmware and Software Installer Release 5

Who should update? 
  • Users running or upgrading to OSX 10.10 Yosemite
  • New Users setting up their Symphony system for the first time
  • Users on 10.8.5 or 10.9.5 who would like the new Features and bug fixes
NOTE: Symphony Users who are currently running 10.8.4 or lower and don’t plan to update their OSX should not update to Release 5
New Features
  • Compatibility with Mac OS X Yosemite and Mavericks (10.10 and 10.9) with continued support back to OSX 10.8.5
  • Up to 3 Selectable Speaker Sets can be toggled and controlled from Maestro Command-click lets you enable multiple speaker sets at the same time
  • Dim functionality for Main Outputs and Headphone outputs
  • Sum To Mono functionality for Main Outputs and Headphone outputs
  • Various bug fixes

  Before you update

  • Please note critical Maestro settings such as Trim levels before performing a firmware update. Parameters will be reset after installing new software.
  • Unplug headphones and mute speaker volume before updating firmware.

  To update

  After updating - After updating, verify the following settings;

  • Audio Interface Mode - press and hold the right hand encoder to verify that Symphony I/O is set to the desired audio interface mode.
  • If using the Symphony 64 card, verify that the Symphony Source setting (found in the Maestro 2 > System Setup tab and Audio MIDI Setup) is set to the appropriate Symphony 64 Port setting:

! ! If interfaces are connected only to Port 1, set Source to Port 1: 32ch. ! ! If interfaces are connected to both Ports 1-2, set Source to Port 1-2: 64ch.

  • Check that Output settings such as Speaker setting and level and headphone level and mute are set as expected.