Clocking errors reported or clicks & pops heard with Symphony I/O Mk 2 Dante

Check Clock Source and Sample Rate Configuration

Check the clock source and sample rate configuration of Symphony I/O as described in the KnowledgeBase article below. Carefully verify the Enable Sync to External box as described in the document; if the clock source is Dante Network, the box should be unchecked; if the clock source is Internal or any external source, the box should be checked.

Check Your Network Switch

  1. Check that all Ethernet cables are firmly connected at both the Symphony I/O and network switch ends.
  2. Make sure you're not using an "Energy Efficient Ethernet" (EEE) or "Green" switch. If your switch does include these features, consult the switch documentation to determine if they may be disabled.

Reset Symphony I/O

Reset Symphony I/O by pushing and holding the front panel power button for at least 10 seconds, then powering the unit back on.