Symphony I/O: Configuration Settings on Your Mac

Mac Sound Dialog

Once you’ve installed Symphony I/O software and restarted your Mac, a dialog box appears asking if you want to use your Symphony for Audio. Click Yes to use Symphony I/O for sound input and output for applications such as iTunes, Quicktime and other audio utilities. When the audio interface mode is set to USB Audio, Symphony I/O appears as Symphony I/O : USB Audio. 

Configuration Settings in OS X Audio MIDI Setup

Symphony I/O may be selected for Mac Sound I/O in Audio MIDI Setup.

1. To open Audio MIDI Setup, choose Applications Utilities Audio MIDI Setup.

2. In Audio MIDI Setup, choose Window Show Audio Window.

3. In the left hand Devices column, select Symphony 64 (or Symphony I/O : USB Audio when audio interface mode is set to USB Audio).

4. Set Clock Source to the desired source.

5. Ensure that Source is set to PC Card 1, Port 1 (Chs 1-32). If you need to change the source setting, restart the computer after you change source setting.

6. Set Format to the desired sample rate. If Logic Pro is open, the sample rate of the session overrides the Format setting.