Symphony I/O: Configuration Settings in Apple Logic Pro

Configuration Settings in Apple Logic Pro

The following steps describe how to configure Symphony I/O with Apple Logic Pro.

1. Open Logic Pro and choose Logic Pro Preferences Audio. 

2. In the Preferences window, select the Devices tab, then the CoreAudio tab.

3. Select Symphony 64 in the Device drop down menu.

4. Set I/O Buffer Size to 32 for the lowest latency, or to 64 for more DSP resources in Logic (inputs, outputs, plug-ins).

5. Click on Apply Changes.

* The I/O Buffer Size, found in the Logic Pro preference window described above, and the Performance Tuning setting, found in the Apogee Maestro software, are the two settings that determine the audio latency through your Symphony system. When using Symphony 64 and a Mac Pro, verify that Performance Tuning is set to High Performance. The I/O Buffer Size should be set as low as possible without causing digital audio artifacts such as clicks and pops.


By selecting Symphony I/O input and output labels in Logic, the labels you see in Logic’s Channel Strip input and output slots correspond exactly to Symphony I/O’s hardware inputs and outputs, making I/O assignment much easier.

1. In Logic, choose Options Audio I/O Labels.

2. Select the labels in the Provided by Driver column.

3. Close the IO Labels window.