SPDIF or ADAT/SMUX Optical does not work with Symphony I/O

Symptom: Optical I/O does not work with Symphony I/O

Solution: There are a number of logical and easily correctable causes for this.  Please examine the following steps - 

  • Open Maestro and go to the "Device Settings" tab and confirm that the "Optical Format" drop-down menu is set to the correct format.
  • If you do not see a "Optical Format" drop down you could be on AES mode on some 8x8 cards.  See this button on the back of your card.
  • Make sure that both SymphonyI/O and any digital device are set to the same sample-rate and that one is clocked to the other.
  • Toggle sample-rate back & forth
  • Reload audio driver in software (for example- in Logic, go to audio preferences, make a change and click "Apply Changes").
  • wiggle optical cables and try different optical cables