Real Panel Connections on Ensemble FireWire

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1. MIC1–4 – These XLR connectors accept balanced mic or line inputs; input level is determined in software control.

2. INSERT SEND – RETURN (channels 1–2) – These TRS connectors provide balanced analog insert points before the A/D conversion stage; inserting a jack in the RETURN connector activates insert return. • The insert send may also serve as a direct out: when only the insert send is connected, signal to the A/D conversion stage is not interrupted. • The insert return may also serve as a balanced TRS line input.

3. HI–Z (channels 3–4) – These TRS connectors accept high impedance inputs for channels 3–4, similar to front panel HI–Z inputs.

4. ANALOG INPUT 5–8 – These TRS connectors accept line level inputs for channels 5–8; input level is determined in software control.

5. ANALOG OUTPUT 1–8 – These TRS connectors provide line level outputs for channels 1–8; input level is determined in software control.

6. S/PDIF – These coaxial connectors provide S/PDIF format digital I/O.

7. OPTICAL IN/OUT – These Toslink connectors provide S/PDIF, ADAT or SMUX format digital I/O; format is determined in software control.

8. FIREWIRE – These FW 400 connectors provide Firewire I/O to an Apple OSX computer. Stand-Alone Mode – If Ensemble doesn’t detect a valid Firewire connection, it will switch to Stand-Alone mode after a few moments. This is indicated either by a red STATUS LED (when the Firewire connection is present but not valid) or by a green LED (when there is no Firewire connection). In Stand-Alone mode, all routing, mixing and control settings made when the unit was last connected to a Mac are saved in Ensemble flash memory, thus allowing the use of the unit when not connected to a computer. Thus, it’s possible to use Ensemble as a Stand-Alone mixer or AD-DA converter.

9. WORD CLOCK IN/OUT – These BNC connectors provide word clock I/O.

10. WC IN 75 OHM TERM – This switch terminates the Word Clock input with a 75 ohm load.

11. AC IN – This IEC connector accepts AC input from 90–250 volts.