Popping noises on the analog outputs

In rare cases, Ensemble Thunderbolt will generate short pops or clicks through the analog outputs. This would occur even if there are no inputs connected, the unit is hardware reset and on its internal clock, and is disconnected from the computer. This was resolved with a firmware update that was part of the 2016 software release. Download it or newer versions, which also include the fix, here: Installer Downloads

  • Run the Software Installer.pkg that is inside this downloaded file. It will require your computer to restart.
  • Connect Ensemble via Thunderbolt cable to your Mac computer. You will be prompted to update the firmware.
  • If you are not prompted, the Ensemble Thunderbolt Firmware Updater can be manually run from your Mac's Applications Utilities folder.

When the firmware has completed the update, verify the version by opening the Apogee Control software. Go to the Apogee Control About Apogee Control menu. A properly updated Ensemble Thunderbolt will have Firmware and FPGA 0.32 or higher.