No sound or lower level on Symphony I/O outputs 1/2- how to set outputs 1/2 for Line Level

If the first 2 analog outputs of Symphony I/O are too low in level or are muted, it is important to keep in mind that the first 2 analog outputs on Symphony I/O will default to -20dB and can be muted or dimmed, as many people use Symphony I/O as their monitor controller. If you do not wish to use Symphony I/O as a monitor controller and want to set analog outputs 1/2 to Line Level like the rest of the analog outputs, follow the steps below. There are a couple of ways to set them to line level like the rest of the outputs-

Using the front-panel encoders   Turn the left encoder knob until you see the speaker icon on the front-panel Turn the right encoder knob to bring the output level up to 0dB

Using the Maestro's output tab Launch 'Apogee Maestro 2' from your Applications folder Scroll all the way to the right You will see 3 software encoder knobs- one for the Main Speaker outs and 2 for headphones You can turn the Speaker output knob up to 0dB or click on the drop-down menu where it says 'Stereo Out 1/2' and select 'Line'. This will set it for 0dB Line Level and disable monitor control so you don't accidentally mute the main outs or turn them down. Once you make this setting, it will be remembered until you change it again.