No Output from Symphony I/O

Symptom: No audible output from Symphony I/O Solution: There are a number of logical and easily correctable causes for this.  Please examine the following steps - 

  • Is the output volume up? Check on the front-panel or in Maestro's output tab to make sure the main output is turned up enough.
  •  Is the output muted? Check the front-panel, Maestro's output tab, and Audio MIDI Setup (Applications Utilities Audio MIID Setup) to make sure output's not muted.
  • Is the routing correct? Go to Maestro's input and output routing tabs and click "reset routing" in each tab.
  • Is the SymI/O selected in your application's audio preferences? For "Symphony AIM", it will show up as "Symphony64", for "USB AIM", it will show up as "SymphonyI/O: USB", and for "ProTools HD AIM", it will show up as an Avid HD I/O.
  • If you're monitoring through headphones, are the correct headphone outputs selected? Go to Maestro's output tab and confirm that the correct headphone outputs are selected in the 2 headphone drop-down menus under the headphone software encoders. The headphones will default to the 1st 2 outputs of the SymphonyI/O. Try toggling the headphone outputs to something else and then back to "1-2".
  • Try toggling sample-rate or quitting/relaunching whatever application you're using.
  • Are you in the correct AIM (Audio Interface Mode)? Confirm that the SymphonyI/O is in the correct AIM and configured properly. Make sure that you've quit all audio apps and that the SymI/O is powered up. Push in and hold on the right-side front-panel encoder. This will bring you to the AIM selection menu. Scroll to whichever AIM you're trying to use and then push in on the right-side encoder to select the AIM and the SymI/O will powecycle itself and restart in the chosen AIM.