My Jam/MiC 96k or ClipMic doesn't work well with Bluetooth

Bluetooth allows you to stream audio from your Mac, PC, Android or iOS devices to headphones or speakers wirelessly. It's a convenient way to start listening to music.

But because it's streaming audio from your host device to audio device wirelessly, it takes a much longer time to "process" the audio signal and turn it into analog audio which then can be heard through your speakers or headphones. That time is referred to as "latency." 

In a typical situation, this process takes about 100-300ms. This latency is significant enough that the audio will feel delayed compared to the audio input coming from Jam/MiC 96k or ClipMic. 

Hence, when using Jam/Mic 96k or ClipMic, it is best to connect audio output to wired headphone/speakers.