My Duet 2 settings are not being saved when restarting my computer, or when I reconnect it later?

The mac-only "Duet 2" model's settings are saved on the computer rather than on the device like later "Duet for iPad & Mac" or Duet 3. Your computer may not have given the Apogee Control 2 app permission to write to your computer's drive to store these settings. Here's how to fix it:

  • Open Mac System Preferences > Security & Privacy:


In the "Privacy" tab, select Full Disk Access from the left-column.

Click the lock icon to allow changes.

Then on the right, make sure the box next to Apogee has been checked:


Restart the computer, and test if the settings are now saving.

The settings are stored here on MacintoshHD > Library > Application Support > Apogee > Settings. Once permission to write to this folder is given, an XML file for DuetII should appear in this location: