My AD-16x or DA16-x in Advanced routing is showing up as the wrong device in Maestro for Symphony64 or Mobile


There is a known issue with the current (as of 2012) Symphony installer where after initially connecting and powering up an DA16x in Advanced routing, it sometimes will show up as a AD16x in Maestro2 and Logic...

Likewise, an AD16x in Advanced routing will sometimes show up as a DA16x in Maestro 2 and Logic


Open Maestro 2 and highlight the device in the left-hand device column... then go to the "Device Settings" tab and select "DA16x" (or AD16x) in the drop-down menu. Quit Maestro and restart the computer. After the computer restarts, launch Maestro and confirm that the AD-16x or DA-16x is showing up correctly and then go to both the input and output routing tabs and click "reset routing" in each tab.