Maestro on the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch shows v0.0.0 for ONE's firmware even though I already updated it

There is a known issue with Maestro for iOS where it will display the firmware version for ONE for iPad & Mac as "v0.0.0", even when the firmware has already been updated. The firmware update will still work on Maestro for iOS, so you can go ahead and run the updater, but it will still display the firmware as v0.0.0.  If the updater finished, that means the firmware updated.   This is a bug with the labeling in Maestro. You can double-check that the firmware for the ONE is up to date on your Mac by doing the following: 

  • Connect the ONE for iPad & Mac to your Mac via USB.
  • Hold down the Option key and click on the Apple menu and select 'System Information'
  • Select 'USB' in the left-side column
  • Select 'ONE' on the right-side USB device tree
  • Confirm that the correct firmware version is displayed for ONE for iPad & Mac.