Logic, Garageband won't open - gets stuck when scanning audio units.

After installing software/drivers for some Apogee interfaces, some Recording Software applications won't fully open and will get stuck when scanning Audio Unit plug-ins:

Solution: Install or update the iLok License Manager software to the latest version. This can be downloaded from here: ilok.com/#!license-manager

Once installed, there is no need to create or log into any ilok account. Nor does the License Manager application need to be opened. It only needs to be present on your computer system. Then your Recording Software (like Logic or Garageband) will fully open as normal.

More Details

Recording Software will scan for new plugins each time they open. If a new plugin is found, it will be checked if a license management software is required to manage it. If that management software is not found, it will stall and the software gets stuck.

Usually when this happens, software like Logic or Garageband will display a prompt or notice stating that License Support components needs to be present. But we have reports from customers that this is not happening. It seems to be mostly happening on customer's who have Apple Silicon (M1) Macs on the latest macOS 12 Monterey operating system.

Here is an example of the message that should appear, but is not for many customers: