Apple is requiring developers to move from KEXT (Kernel Extension) to DEXT (Device Extension) at some time in the future with a macOS update. 


Currently, both are supported. At some point Apple will remove KEXT support in a macOS upgrade. 


Here's what it means to you, the user. 


With a KEXT, the extension lives in the System space. This means that this can leave your computer open to system crashes, or Kernel panics if there is an issue. 


With DEXT, the extension lives in the user space, a level above the system. This protects your system from errors that could cause the system to crash that forces your computer to reboot unexpectedly. 


DEXT also provides better security. With Apple Silicon (M1,M2,M3...ETC) You won't need to "Reduce Security" in the startup options to install Control 2 for Thunderbolt Symphony systems. 


With the latest release of Control 2 for Symphony MkII, you'll be using DEXT to allow the Thunderbolt connection, which offers better stability and security.  


Control 2 with DEXT support is available for macOS Ventura or newer.