JAM Key troubleshooting points to determine whether the device is faulty

Key troubleshooting points to determine whether the device is faulty. 

Be sure to update the JAM’s Firmware and your iOS on iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S, JAM is not yet compatible with iPod Touch. The JAM firmware update is intended for JAM users who require 48 kHz sampling rate functionality or are experiencing connection issues on an iPad 2 after updating to iOS 5.

NOTE: To perform the update you will need to connect JAM to a Mac computer.

The JAM update can be found here

This firmware provides a workaround for an issue on iPad 2 that may occur after updating to iOS 5. If headphones were connected or disconnected while Jam was streaming to an audio app, Jam would become unrecognized.

When plugging headphones in; the JAM goes to the blue LED and stops working?

Typically iPhone/iPad earphones include a mic and this will cause the JAM to be inactive. If you are using actual studio type headphones there may be instances where connecting these with GarageBand open can disable the JAM, this is due to GarageBand scanning this connection for an audio interface as well (iRig) and the act of plugging in the headphones triggers recognition in some manner.

Test to see if after relaunching GarageBand with the studio type headphones inserted; does the JAM work as expected? No issues with latest versions of GarageBand. *Is this thing on? In settings general about is the JAM listed (typically below Bluetooth)? *Apogee Support has encountered instances where the audio of an app can be adversely affected by to many open apps. It's similar to a low buffer setting on a Mac audio application, clicks, pops and distortion (et al). Press the iPhone/iPad home button twice and close all open apps (-) aside from the app currently being utilized. *GarageBand setting on the iPad that causes the JAM to not function! When AirPlay is set to ON in GarageBand song settings it disables audio input. This feature is selected in the Song Settings menu. Once you turn it off the JAM should work. Logic 8 didn't have separate input and output device settings Because Logic 8 doesn't give you the option to select an input and output device, JAM won't show up. You have to setup an aggregate device in AMS with JAM and the built-in output, then select the aggregate as your audio device in Logic Pro Preferences Audio.