Is Duet 3 compatible with iPad OS and iOS devices?

With the recent release of Control 2 for iOS, Duet 3 is now fully compatible with iOS devices!

Duet 3 iOS compatibility

Complex configurations that would previously have to be performed on a Mac or PC are now readily available at your fingertips. These include:

  • Mic pre gain control
  • Input type configuration (mic vs instrument vs line level source)
  • Symphony ECS Channel Strip plugin control
  • Headphone and speaker level control
  • Low latency mixer control
  • Sample rate settings
  • Requires Duet 3 firmware version 1.0.18 or higher

Note: Duet 3 includes USB Type C to Type C cable for connection to iPads with Type C connectors.

Duet 3 - iPad Pro

Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and USB power supply is required for connecting Duet 3 to Lightning/iOS devices.

See this article for more details:
How to connect Duet 3 to iPhone (or iPad with Lightning port)

Duet 3 - iPhone

If you do not have a USB power supply, you can use a powered USB hub instead:


Duet 3 USB Hub for iOS Devices


For more info on the Duet 3, check out the user guide:

Duet 3 User's Guide