iOS Maestro Update (version 1.12) - Firmware update for JAM Plus & HypeMiC

An update to the Maestro iOS app has been released today. This version is Maestro 1.12 (106) and is only available from the Apple iOS App Store.

This update addresses changes to Apple's Lightning connector specification and how it is implemented on newer iOS devices (like iPhone X, 11, 13, SE, etc.). A firmware update is required for some Apogee devices to work properly with this combination.


The Apogee Jam Plus or HypeMiC will not be recognized when connected to the Lightning port of certain newer iPhones and iPads running iOS 14.3 and up.


Connect Apogee Jam Plus or HypeMiC to an older iOS device where it is recognized (i.e. iPhone 8, 7, or lower) and use the iOS Apogee Maestro app to update the firmware. Here's how:

  • Connect Jam Plus or HypeMiC to the Lightning port on an iPhone or iPad that recognizes it.
  • Open the "Apogee Maestro" iOS app (downloaded from iOS app store)
  • In the Main Menu, select "Setup"


  • At the bottom, select where it indicates a firmware update is available


  • Close all audio apps in the background. See THIS ARTICLE on how to force-quit background apps.
  • Select the Update button to proceed:


  • An update progress bar will appear. The update will take approximately 1-2 minutes to complete:


  • A message will appear to indicate the update was successful. Select the Reboot button to restart your Apogee device. DO NOT DISCONNECT the device while it is rebooting, which may take a while (less than 1 minute).


  • When complete, the app will return to the Setup screen showing the current firmware version and that the Firmware is up to date. 



NOTE: MiC Plus is not part of this update. Mac and Windows updaters are being developed to address that product.