I provided all the necessary documents, but I haven’t received the RMA instructions yet. What do I do?

Our Customer Support Team strives to answer all requests within 1-2 business days maximum. All RMA Instructions are sent to the address you entered in a web form or sent in your request from.

If for some reason you don’t see an email from us within that time, it is likely your email software has filtered or blocked our email.   The following action will ensure you receive Apogee Emails:

  • Search through your junk mail and bulk mail folders for Apogee email reply, as it could have been placed there by your spam filters; 
  • Add noreply@apogeedigital.com or apogeedigital.com domain to your address book;
  • If you can’t perform the above action, contact your e-mail/Internet provider’s Customer Support Team and check your email configuration settings;
  • If you believe all your email settings are correct, please contact Support and they can re-send the email or in some cases can provide documents directly. Support is available via online live chat during business hours, or you can create a new support ticket https://apogeedigital.com/contact-us/