I can't get my MiC 96k or Jam 96k to work on my iPad or iPhone. [Updating the Firmware on MiC 96k & JAM 96k for iOS 11 or greater]

If your Apogee MiC 96k or JAM 96k has firmware version 3.0.2 (MiC Plus firmware 001.000.011), it needs a firmware update to be completely compatible with iOS 11 and up. To check the firmware version, connect your MiC or JAM to your iOS device with the Apogee Lightning cable. Go to the Settings App. Navigate to General About. Select JAM or MiC which should appear toward the bottom of this list and select it to view the firmware version.

If version 3.0.2, this device needs to be updated to 3.0.3.

  • (Mic Plus needs update to 001.000.012)
  • If the version is 1.x (like 1.0.5), or 2.x (like 2.02), the device does not need an update and is already fully compatible with iOS 11 or greater.

The update must be performed on a Mac or Windows 10 computer using the Mic/Jam-USB cable that came in the box with the unit. Download the firmware updater below. Instructions are included with the download: