HypeMiC Assembly Guide


1. Ensure you have all of the parts included (see images below)
    1. HypeMiC
    2. Adapter
    3. Tripod
    4. Pop-Filter
    5. Carrying Case
    6. Allen Wrench
    7. MicroUSB to USB-C
    8. MicroUSB to USB-A
    9. MicroUSB to Lighting

2. Take the Adapter (B) and place it flat on the desk with the Apogee logo facing towards you.

3. Then unscrew the round bit on the top and loosen the circular knob on the back to place the screw 90° to the left. Once that’s done tighten the knob on the back. 

It should end up like this:


4. Rotate the adapter 90° to the left, the screw should be facing towards you. Then take the bottom of the Pop-Filter (the end that looks like a coin slot), and place the screw of the adapter into the bottom of the Pop-Filter


5. Screw back-on the round-bit you screwed off earlier, while holding onto the pop-filter in place, this secures the pop-filter. While you screw back on the round-bit, make sure the side with the foam is facing out towards you


6. Now take the HypeMiC (A) on one hand and the adapter (B) + Pop-Filter (D) on the other, and screw the HypeMiC clockwise onto the adapter until the HypeMiC is facing up (you can check the logo on the bottom of the mic to see which side is up).  

If the HypeMiC(A) isn’t straight after tightening, loosen the circular knob on the adapter(B) and adjust it until the HypeMiC is facing straight up and then tighten the circular knob to secure it.


7.Grab the Tripod (C) and flip over the HypeMiC (A) + Adapter (B) + Pop-filter (D) and screw the tripod onto the adapter. 

8. Then get the correct cable, and plug-in the microUSB side of the cable into the HypeMiC (where it says USB) and take the headphone cable and plug it into the headphone jack (the one with the headphone symbol). Some headphones might have ¼” adapters, make sure to screw those off the headphone cable.


9.Spread the bottom of the tripod (equidistant to each other) slightly so the HypeMiC can stand up properly. Once it’s up, adjust the pop-filter and move it in front of the HypeMiC.


10. Plug the USB-C or USB-A cable into the computer or lighting cable into the iOS devices. Then start-up the corresponding software of First Take or MetaRecorder.