How to use the special Power Cable & Plug to power on Symphony Desktop

First, connect the supplied AC power supply to your wall outlet.

  • For Type A outlets - Flip down the connector blades    


  • For Type C,G, I outlets - Slide the adaptor (supplied) over the closed connector blades

Second, connect to DC Power.

IMPORTANT - The DC connector has a locking mechanism that must be connected properly!

  1. Line up the locking tabs on the cable barrel connector with the locking slots on the rear panel DC socket.
  2. Insert the barrel connector until it is flush against the socket, then turn clockwise until it stops.
  3. Lightly tug the connector to ensure it’s locked in place.


Third, power on Symphony Desktop!

Tap the Control Knob to power up Symphony Desktop.

The touchscreen flashes for approximately 30 seconds as the internal processor starts.