Clearmountain's Domain: How to Manually Uninstall from Pro Tools Plug-ins folder

Here's the instructions for Domain/ProTools:
  1. Quit Pro Tools
  2. Locate this folder and copy it to your desktop, just in case you'll need it again:   Users / Admin / Library / Preferences / Avid / Pro Tools
  3. Once you've copied this folder to your desktop, go back to its location and trash it:  Users / Admin / Library / Preferences / Avid / Pro Tools
  4. Make sure your system Library is visible (instructions) and then locate the Clearmountain's Domain AAX plugin from this location and trash it:  MacHD / Library / Application Support / Avid / Audio / Plug-Ins / Clearmountains Domain.aaxplugin
  5. Trash previous Clearmountain's Domain installer package(s)
  6. Empty trash
  7. Restart your Mac
  8. Download the latest Clearmountain's Domain installer package here
  9. Unzip the installer package, open the DMG, and run the installer
  10. Restart your Mac
  11. Launch Pro Tools