How to Track with Low Latency and Reverb

You can use any Native Reverb in your DAW, without hearing annoying latency, basically with any hardware on the market that has any form of Direct Monitoring, even our simple units.

All you need to do is:

-Turn on the Low Latency Mixer or Direct Monitoring on your device, so you hear the Dry Input Live, with no Latency.

-In your DAW, open your recording track, set Software Monitoring ON.  You will probably hear an annoying double!

-Mute the fader, or turn down the fader for that record track.  Now the double is gone, but we need the verb!

-On same record track, open a Bus to Aux, and set to Pre-Fader send, This way the Bus send is unaffected by the Mute or -Inf Fader at the bottom of the channel.

-On your Aux Track, set the input to your Bus, and add reverb!

As you now hear both the dry signal with no latency in the DSP Mixer, and all the DAW signal is wet time based effects only, you will not perceive the distracting latency.  Any amount of round trip buffer time on the reverb becomes the same as a pre-delay, which most vocalists find pleasing, as long as it's got the dry in there on zero latency!