How to setup Boom in a DAW for recording?

After installing the Apogee Control 2 driver and updating the firmware, all changes made in the Apogee Control 2 app will apply when using Boom in any compatible DAW. 

When Boom is selected as your input and output device in your DAW's Audio Preferences all input and output channels will be available in your DAW.

The playback channels in the Control 2 app correspond to your DAW's software output channels (i.e. Playback 1-2 = DAW software Output 1-2). 

You can create 2 mono input tracks (set to Input 1 and Input 2) to record each of Boom's inputs to separate audio tracks.  When input monitoring is enabled the DAW you will hear inputs through the Main or Headphone output when each is set to "Playback 1-2" in the Control 2 app.

Note - Only one output is active at any time. 

See these videos for setup in popular DAWs: 

Logic Pro

Pro Tools 

Ableton Live