How to send a DAW Output to a Livesteam Input using Duet 3 and the Control 2 software

How to send output from Logic Pro X (including reverb or other effects) to output as the live stream audio input to Facebook (or other platforms) using Duet 3 in Control 2 software.

Necessary Requirements:

Duet 3

Apogee Control 2


Existential Audio BlackHole:

Optional: OBS

Step 1: Setting up Duet 3 and Apogee Control 2

As we are going to be outputting the DAW audio to livestream, you just need to have the Control 2 software setup however works best for you. All routing to other software will be done with BlackHole.

Step 2: Setup BlackHole and MultiOutput Device

Install BlackHole from onto your Mac System

Go to Audio/MIDI Setup and setup a new Multioutput Device with both BlackHole 16ch and Duet 3

Enable Drift Correction for both

Step 3: Setup DAW

In your DAW, find your Audio preferences and set your output to your MultiOutput Device

Additionally, set your input to Duet 3

From here, configure your DAW to have reverb and any other effects for audio

Make sure to enable track input monitoring if you are using a microphone

Also enable software monitoring if you would like to hear yourself back in the headphones

Step 4: Setting up your broadcasting software

For a simple broadcast, go to your livestreaming platform (like Facebook Live)

Set your Microphone/Audio Input to BlackHole 16ch

For a more in-depth broadcasting experience, software like OBS is recommended.

To setup your audio in OBS, create an Audio Input Channel and set the source to BlackHole 16ch.

You can now broadcast your audio from your DAW, allowing for reverb and more on the audio coming from your Duet 3!