How to check if a light is burned out on the Big Ben, AD-16x, or DA-16x

If a light is not illuminating on the Big Ben, AD-16x, or DA-16x, you can see if it is burned out by booting it up in a special way:

To begin, the unit must be completely powered off. 

  1. Hold down the four directional buttons "Prev" "Next" "Up" and "Down/SetUp"
  2. Power the unit on while still holding down those four buttons

The unit immediately loads a mode where all the lights on the front panel and display are illuminated. Inspect all portions of the panel and display to look for any lights that are not working.

Should you find a broken light, a front panel service can be performed to correct it at our main Repair Facility in California. Please contact our Technical Support Department to inquire about costs and availability.