How does Duet 3 compare to other Apogee units?

Here is a handy comparison chart for Duet 3 versus other Apogee devices.

Duet 3 Comparison Table

  1. 65dB of gain covers most Mic Pre requirements. Many classic Mic Pre's have 60dB. Competitive interfaces in the market have 65dB Mic Pre gain.
  2. We traded off better dynamic range which is audible for a slight increase in THD which is inaudible. As a point of reference, THD of -103dB on the Duet 3 is 0.0007% and -106dB of the Duet 2 0.0005%. It would need to be around 1000 times higher to be in the audible range.
  3. Dynamic range of Duet 3's A/D is 5dB better than Duet 2 allowing you to capture more detail in your recordings. Duet 3's dynamic range is about equal to our more expensive Ensemble interface. The Duet 3's output dynamic range is a little more than both Duet 2 and Ensemble.
  4. Although the Duet 2 and Duet 3 headphone amp specs are similar, it doesn't tell the whole story. Duet 3 has our renowned zero ohm headphone output design which allows Duet 3 to drive the most power hungry headphones with excellent sound quality and high levels.