How do I get started with the AP-66 mic preamp emulation?

When you first open the AP-66, the Input Gain and Output level are set so you’ll experience some saturation with many typical input sources. Raise the Input gain for more saturation, then adjust the Output level for a proper recording level.

Here’s a way to easily experience the entire range of our Neve emulation from subtle warming to full-on distortion while maintaining a relatively consistent output level:

  1. Choose the AP-66 mic preamp emulation on the touch screen by tapping the IN1 button until the Settings view is displayed.
  2. Tap Preamp, then choose AP-66, then tap the “X”.
  3. Tap the IN1 button to display the Overview view.
  4. Set Output Level to 0.
  5. Input the signal to be recorded, and set Input Gain for a proper recording level. The meter should display an average level around -16 to -12 dBFs, with -6 dbFs peaks.
  6. Tap GL (Gain Link) - now, as the Input Gain is raised, the Output Level lowers to compensate. 
  7. As you increase the Input Gain, you’ll hear more and more saturation, then an overdriven sound, and finally very audible distortion. Experience to discover the effect that best suits your creation!