How do I find the firmware versions for my Symphony I/O MkII?

Go to the ‘Setup’ page on the touchscreen by tapping on the icon that looks like a gear at the bottom right-hand corner of the touchscreen. Once you’re on the ‘Setup’ page, tap the ‘About’ tab.

All the firmware versions for the Mainboard, I/O modules, and any Option card you may have installed will be displayed in this tab.

To find out if you need to update firmware, power up the unit and connect it via Thunderbolt to a Mac with Symphony I/O MkII software already installed.

A firmware mismatch dialog that directs you to the firmware updater app will appear if you need to update your firmware.  Make SURE you check the numbers!  You should be going up to a HIGHER number.  If the "Available" number is lower than "Current" you need to first update your Symphony Software from our website, or you are rolling your unit's firmware backward and can disable your I/O modules or other functions.

Note: A Symphony I/O MkII that has a Pro Tools HD Option card please DO NOT update the firmware.  Check with Apogee Support about your needs.