How do I connect headphones with my MiC or Jam original or 96k now that my iPhone has no headphone jack?

The Apogee Jam & Jam 96k and Mic & Mic 96k are input-only devices. They were designed when iPhones had a built-in headphones jack that you could use for monitoring your input signal. When Apple created the newer iPhones or iPads without a built-in headphones jack, this made it difficult to monitor the input with Jam/MiC/Jam96k/MiC96k.

There are two ways to monitor the signal with a newer iPad or iPhone:

  1. You can use the Apple Lightning Dock to connect both your Jam/MiC/Jam96k/MiC96k and your Headphones, to your iPhone, at the same time: 
  2. Use Bluetooth speakers or headphones if your recording app supports this.
  3. Upgrade to a MiC Plus, Jam Plus, and now HypeMiC or Jam X ! These newer devices have headphone jacks built-in and provide features like Low Latency Monitoring.

Note: Most adapters that offer a separate headphones jack and lightning port DO NOT WORK. These only support charging so plugging a MiC or JAM into that expansion port does not work. There may be more expensive adapters out there that do support transferring data through the expansion lightning port. If you find one that works, please let our Support department know so we can offer it to other customers.